IVB Mobile Banking allows customers to make online financial transactions anytime and anywhere with simple, quick manipulation through a smartphone’s application. With friendly interface, IVB Mobile Banking gives a modern and convenient experience for customers.



Fund transfer transactions:

  • Internal fund transfer
  • External fund transfer
  • Fund transfer to ID / Passport number
  • Napas Instant Fund Transfer 24/7
  • Internal fund transfer by QR code


Bill payment transactions:

  • QR Pay payment
  • Mobile Top-up
  • Digital card code purchasing
  • Bill payment such as electric bill, water bill, telecommunication fee, cable television fee, tuition fee, flight ticket, public service


Online deposit transaction:

  • Open / Close online deposit account
  • Change renewal method


Card services:

  • Lock / Unlock card and card online payment function
  • Card information and card transactions inquiry
  • Credit card statement
  • IVB credit card payment
  • IVB prepaid card Top-up


Other utilities:

  • Log-in by fingerprint/ Face ID
  • Authentication method by fingerprint/ Face ID, OTP Token key, Soft OTP
  • Online reset password
  • Setup transaction limit
  • Bank information (for Account balances and IVB promotions, preferential programs)
  • Flight tickets booking (international flights and domestic flights)
  • Movie tickets booking
  • Hotel booking
  • Online shopping via Vnshop
  • Account information and account history transactions inquiry
  • Information inquiry: exchange rate, interest rate, ATM locations and IVB branches/transaction offices
  • Online news


Condition of use

- Have IVB current account

- Already registered IVB Mobile Banking

- Download and install IVB Mobile Banking App on smartphone/tablet

- Have smart device with one of these operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows Phone which can be connected to the Internet (through GPRS/3G, 4G/Wifi)


Registration Method

- Directly register at the nearest IVB branches/transaction offices

- Online register through IVB Internet Banking service


Installation Method

- Search “IVB Mobile Banking” keyword on the Apple App Store/ Google Play/ Windows Phone Store then click “Download” button.

- Access www.indovinabank.com.vn . At the end of the home page, please click on an application store icon which is corresponding to your operating system or use smartphone’s camera to scan QR code.


Transaction Limit

IVB is providing four kinds of authentication method and Transaction limit (VND):

Authentication method

Maximum transaction limit / time

Transaction limit / day


100,000,000 VND

100,000,000 VND

OTP Token

(basic token key)

100,000,000 VND

100,000,000 VND

OTP Token

(advanced token key)

500,000,000 VND

1,500,000,000 VND

Soft OTP

500,000,000 VND

1,500,000,000 VND

Fingerprint / Face ID

1,000,000 VND

Share limit with OTP SMS


User guide

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Tool & Support

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