Planning to travel, studying abroad or supporting relatives to medical treatment are the basic needs in life.

With the desire to meet the needs of customers, IVB makes maximum utilities for the product IVB consumer loan purposes with collateral to help customers easily reach your goals and enjoy life.




Simple documents

- Studying abroad loan purposes

- Traveling loan purposes

- Health care loan purposes

- Target customer: Individual customers are Vietnamese national
- Currency Unit: VND
- Collateral: real estate, deposits

- Lending period up to 15 years.
- Supporting LTV up to 80% financial need
- Preferential lending rate.

- Personal paper: ID, Resident registration book
- Paper concerned income: Labor contract, salary statement…

- Loan purposes documents
- Other paper (As IVB regulation)


More details, please contact Call Center 1900 588 879 or IVB Branch/ Transaction Offices.

Tool & Support

We are ready to help you.

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