Service Introduction

IVB online payment (IVB E-commerce) is a service allowing Customers using IVB’s Domestic Debit Card (ATM) or Bank Current Account to make online transactions such as purchasing goods, bill payment and services fees from providers’ websites just by simple steps.


Outstanding utilities:

- Save time and cost

- 24/7 service availability

- Safe and secure

- Products and services various for payments

- Free of charge from IVB


Service application:

- IVB’s Domestic Debit Card (ATM) holders/ Current Accounts owners have registered IVB online payment service (IVB E-commerce)


Transaction limit:

- 50 million/account/day, regardless the number of transactions


Payment service providers:

- Please refer the list of providers’ websites HERE


Service fee:

- This is an additional utility from IVB provided to Customers, so IVB does not charge fee for E-commerce service.



- Please contact nearest IVB Branch/ TO for service registration

- For Customers having IVB current accounts, using IVB’s Domestic Debit Card (ATM)/ have registered Internet Banking service, please register online here or call IVB hotline 24/7: 1900 588 879.

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