Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is Internet Banking of Indovina Bank (IVB) ?
Internet Banking is a webpage service which allows customers to manage accounts, transfer fund, and do payments through devices that have connected to the internet.

2. What are benefits when using Internet Banking of IVB?
Using Indovina bank Internet Banking, customers have lots of utilities as following:
    + Conveniently: Customers can use Internet Banking service at any time 24/7;
    + Saving: Saving time and cost. Instead of going to transaction offices, customers can make transactions on your computers;
    + Quickly: Transactions are processed instantly; customers do not have to waste time completing one transaction;
    + Safely: IVB security system always check, update annually for ensuring the safeness of customers transactions;
    + Accurately: IVB system will guide customers to use service in detail for preventing unexpected errors when doing transactions.   

3. I want to use Indovina Bank Internet Banking service, what should I do?
To use Internet Banking service, customers need to open current account at IVB. Customers can register online at website then we will collect the information to finish your registration or you can get over the counter at any nearby Branches/Transaction offices to register.

4. What are conditions to use Internet Banking service?
Vietnamese or Foreigners regardless of age, gender, religions or regions…are living in Vietnam only need to have computer connected to the internet, opened current account and registered Internet Banking service, so customers can use the service.

5. After registered IVB Internet Banking service, how long can I use the service?
After customers registered Internet Banking service, we will activate the service instantly. When service have activated successfully, IVB system will send registered information to customers’ registered email and mobile phone number.

6. Do I have any help or support when using Internet Banking service?
    + IVB always ready to consult and support customers during the time customers using IVB service when needed
    + When register service, IVB tellers will guide customers steps to register service.
    + When activate service successfully, Internet Banking user-guide will send to registered email. Customers can find more information at website:
    + For any issues related to the service, customers please contact Customer Service Center 24/7 Hotline: 1900 588 879 for support.   

7. When I lost my ATM card can I use Internet Banking service?
In case of losing the ATM card, you can still use Internet Banking. But for ensuring the safeness of your  accounts as well as your benefits, you need to lock your card on Internet Banking or Mobile Banking application immediately then report to the Bank to avoid any risks occurring.  

8. When I do not remember username and log-in password for Internet Banking service, what should I do?
When customers do not remember Internet Banking’s username, please contact Customer Service Center 24/7 Hotline 1900 588 879 or nearby Branches/Transaction Offices to have further support and consult. For the case of forgetting password, Customer can reset password online at the link:

9. When I input wrong password that exceed limit password attempt and my account has been blocked, what should I do?
In situation that customers input wrong password many times (5 times) customers’ accounts will block, please contact nearby Branches/Transaction Offices to unblock accounts.

10. Are there any regulations about the validity period of the Internet Banking password at IVB?
According to the State Bank regulations, for ensuring the safeness of customers’ accounts, customers have to change password after 12 months.


1. How many authentication methods to use Internet Banking service?
IVB Internet Banking service provides to customers three authentication methods to authenticate transactions with transaction limit/day as following:






100 million VND/ day


Not applicable

Basic token key


100 million/ day


Not applicable

Advanced Token key


Under 500 million/ time

Under 1.5 billion/ day


Under 1 billion/ time

Under 10 billion/ day

Digital Signature


No limit transaction/ time.

Daily limit transaction as customer’s registration

Total transaction limit per day do not exceed the highest authentication method limit

2. What are requirements for using digital signature on my computers?
To use Digital Signature in Internet Banking, your computer has to fulfill requirements:
   + Bkav USB Token or other USB Token licensed by authenticated providers.  
   + Usb Token has plugged in the computer.
   + Having the most recent updated Token Manager software from authenticated providers
   + Computers already installed support Plug-in
   + Support Windows XP SP3 32bits, Windows 7,8,10 32bits or 64bits or upward
   + Optimal display resolution

3. How to install Token Manager Software?
To install BKAV Token Manager, customers follow below instructions:
   1. Plug-in BKAV Token manager into your computer, choose BkavCA Disc, choose BkavCA_setup.exe or download BkavCA at;
   2. You follow set up process instructions.
   3. After successfully setting up, running BkavCA Token Manager program then you can see your company name on the software

4. How to activate Digital Signature?
For activating Digital Signature, customers please log-in IVB Internet Banking at or IVB website at address then login Internet Banking.
   1. Customers access Online transaction on the left menu bar.
   2. After select authentication method by token please click Continue
   3. In the situation that check VNPT-CA Plugin unsuccessful. Customers please download and install Plugin on your computer to use Digital Signature
  4. After installed Plugin on the computer, system will appear list of inactivate Token, customers choose right Token to activate then click Activate  

  5. If it is successful, the program will require to enter PIN; please enter PIN and choose OK. And the digital signature is successfully activated to start using.

5. What is OTP Token?
OTP Token is a security equipment which creates OTP code randomly and this code will change continuously after pressing the button on the front side.

6. When I go abroad, Can I use OTP Token?
Yes. In the situation customers go abroad customers still can use OTP Token to authenticate transaction

7. How long OTP Token can be used?
You can use OTP Token until it is out of battery, its longevity fluctuates from 4 to 5 years. However, your frequency usage also decides its battery life.

8. After such a time, the equipment is out of battery, Can I replace new battery?
Please go to the nearby IVB transaction offices to ask for a new one. Please do not open the equipment for battery replacement, IVB is not responsible for the accident.

9. When I do not want to use OTP Token any longer, do I have to bring it back to IVB?
No, you do not. IVB will not take it back.

10. What can I do when I can’t use OTP Token?
After receiving the OTP Token from IVB’s Teller, please check it by pressing the button on the front side to see whether it creates OTP code or not. If it doesn’t work, IVB will give you a new one immediately.
In case you detect that the OTP Token doesn’t work after leaving IVB transaction office, please contact IVB Customer service center 24/7 via Hotline: 1900 588 879, email: or nearby IVB transaction offices for being supported.

11. After seeing OTP code on the device, I am busy cannot authenticate transaction, what should I do?
The valid time for OTP code is about 30 seconds and OTP code only use one time. After this time, customers please press the button on the device again to get new OTP code.

12. When I lost my OTP Token, what should I do?
Customers please contact Hotline 1900 588 879 instantly for further support and also go to nearby Branches/Transaction Office to request close and register new device.

13. My company has registered authenticated method by 2 OTP Token devices. When authenticate transactions, which order do we authenticate?
When authenticate transactions with more than one level of authentication (2 levels or upward), you do not need authenticate in order you only need to authenticate enough requirement levels and no limit time to authenticate between levels.  

14. Can I use OTP Token for authenticating transactions for my personal and company account?
In case you authenticate transactions for your personal and company account, you need to register 2 separate OTP Tokens.

15. After receive OTP Token, what should I do to authenticate transactions?
When register new devices, if customers decide activating devices by the Bank, Tellers will activate its devices for customers. Whereas customers can do it by yourself by following instruction:
   1.  Log-in into Internet Banking system at address or website  and log-in Internet Banking service
   2.  Input username, password, security code and press Login
   3.  At Payment category select Online transaction function, choose authenticate by OTP Token method and click Continue
   4.  Select device to activate, input OTP code from the device and click Activate
Noted: OTP code include 6 digits number randomly form the device (OTP will appear when customers press the button on the device). Customers can choose active for one or more at one time.

NAPAS Instant Fund Transfer 24/7 Service

1/ What is Napas instant fund transfer 24/7 service?
Napas instant fund transfer 24/7 is service allowing IVB’s account owner to transfer or receive money to/ from another account or card number at other bank anywhere, at any time of day without queuing at the bank, accordingly the beneficiary will get money into account  immediately.

2/ What is the benefits of Napas instant fund transfer 24/7 service?
Customer can transfer or receive money to/ from account or card at other bank quickly, transaction is made even on days off and holidays. The beneficiary will get money into account immediately.

3/ How can I use Napas instant fund transfer 24/7 service?
For Customer who had account at IVB and registered Internet Banking then you can use Napas instant fund transfer 24/7 service.
For Customer who have not registered Internet Banking, please contact our nearest Branches or Transaction Offices for your Internet Banking service’s registration.
For Customer who do not have account at IVB, please contact our Branches or Transaction offices for your account opening and Internet Banking service’s registration.

4/ How long is the money transferred to the beneficiary?
7-10 second after Customer’s transaction is confirmed.

5/ Can I transfer money to overseas banks?
Currently, Napas instant fund transfer 24/7 service is only made within banks having Head Offices in Vietnam and must belongs to Napas union.

6/ Can I make Napas instant fund transfer 24/7 service when I am abroad?
Customers can completely make transaction anywhere.

7/ Is Napas instant fund transfer 24/7’s fee different from normal fund transfer’s fee?

Currently, Napas instant fund transfer 24/7’s fee is applied:

Transaction Amount

Transaction Fee (not included VAT)

From 1 - 500,000 VND

Free of charge

From 500,001 - under 500,000,000 VND

5,000 VND/transaction

8/ Is there any difference between inside and outside province fund transfer’s fee?
Napas instant fund transfer 24/7 service’s fee does not distinguish between inside and outside province fund transfer.

9/ Which kind of card can I make instant fund transfer to?
Customers can make instant fund transfer to ATM cards, Debit cards, Credit cards and Visa Prepaid Cards of beneficiary banks in Napas union which depend on the beneficiary bank offer what kind of beneficiary cards.

10/ Can I make transaction on foreign exchange?
For transactions of Napas instant fund transfer 24/7 service, the beneficiary will get money in Vietnam Dong. So when Customers make transaction on USD, we will exchange from USD into VND by exchange rate of buy and transfer.


1. What is Mobile Banking service?    

Mobile Banking is an online banking service through the Bank’s application on mobile phone devices, which allows customers to make bank’s transactions at anywhere with a smartphone or tablet having internet connection.


2. What are the conditions to use IVB Mobile Banking?

Until now, IVB has only applied Mobile Banking service for individuals’ customers. To use IVB Mobile Banking services, Customers need:

  1. Having current account at IVB
  2. Having a smartphone/tablet with internet connection (via GPRS/3G/Wifi) and using operation systems such as: IOS, Android, Windows Phone.
  3. Registering IVB Mobile Banking
  4. Installing IVB Mobile Banking application on Smartphone/Tablet


3. What are the main features of IVB Mobile Banking?

IVB Mobile Banking allows customers performing as below transactions:

  1. Information inquiry: current account, saving account, loan account
  2. Transaction report
  3. Fund transfer:
  • Normal fund transfer
      • Internal fund transfer
        • Internal fund transfer to account number
        • Internal fund transfer by QR Code
        • Internal fund transfer to ID/Passport number
      • External fund transfer
        • External fund transfer to account number
        • External fund transfer to ID/Passport number
  • NAPAS instant fund transfer 24/7
      • Interbank fund transfer to card number
      • Interbank fund transfer to account number
  1. Open / Close online deposit account / Change renewal method
  2. On / Off cards, On/ Off online payment function of IVB cards
  3. Credit card payments
  4. Bill payments: Electric bills, water bills, telecommunication, television, tuition fees, flight tickets, public services
  5. QR code payments
  6. Top up
  7. Card code purchase
  8. Air tickets, movie tickets purchase
  9. Hotel room booking
  10. Utilities (look-up information, news)
  11. Log in via Fingerprint / Face ID
  12. Transaction authentication via Fingerprint / Face ID, OTP Token, Soft OTP
  13. Online shopping via Vnshop
  14. Prepaid card Topup
  15. View transaction information and cards’ statements: Visa debit, Visa credit
  16. Bank information (Account balances notices and IVB’s promotions, preferential programs)


4. Where can I register IVB Mobile Banking?

Customers can register IVB Mobile Banking at any IVB Branches/ Transaction Offices or online register on IVB Internet Banking. For further information, please contact our Customer Service center 1900 588 879.


5. My username and Password are number only or alphabet characters? And how many characters in my Password?   

IVB Mobile Banking’s username is your mobile phone number registered at IVB. Customer’s password must contain at least 8 characters including both numbers and alphabet characters.


6. Can I register IVB Mobile Banking by 2 different phone numbers?

Currently, Customers can only use 01 Username which is your phone number registered at the Bank for IVB Mobile Banking service.


7. How many options can I use to log into IVB Mobile Banking app?

Currently, customers can log into IVB Mobile Banking application by password, however customers also can use fingerprint / Face ID to log-in on the devices that supporting fingerprint / Face ID function.


8. How can I download and install IVB Mobile Banking app to my mobile device?

After registering IVB Mobile Banking successfully, Customers will receive confirmation SMS from IVB which includes the instruction to download IVB Mobile Banking app.

After checking mobile device’s Internet connection (3G/GPRS/Wifi), depends on Customers’ mobile devices, Customers can download IVB Mobile Banking app by:

  • For Android devices: Access Google Play, search for “IVB Mobile Banking”, download and install application to the device.
  • For iOS devices (iPhone): Access App Store, search for “IVB Mobile Banking”, download and install application to the device.
  • For Windows Phone devices: Access Windows Store, search for “IVB Mobile Banking”, download and install application to the device.


9. What should I do in case I forgot my password?

Please contact Customer Service center 1900 588 879 to request for password resetting


10. What should I do in case IVB Mobile Banking service is locked?

Please contact the nearest IVB’s Branches/Transaction Offices to be supported


11. What should I do if I lost my phone?

In case of losing your phone, to ensure Customers’ account information security, you need to temporarily lock IVB Mobile Banking account by:

(1) Contact the nearest IVB’s Branches/ Transaction Offices.

(2) Contact IVB’s 24/7 Customer Service center (Hotline: 1900 588 879).


12. I successfully logged-into IVB Mobile Banking, however due to some reasons I do not perform for a period, what will happen?

For security reason, Customers’ username will automatically log-out after 5 minutes if there is no action performed on your mobile device. To continue using service, please log in and perform the transaction again.


13. What should I do when I want to stop using IVB Mobile Banking service?

Please contact IVB’s nearest Branches/ Transaction Offices to request for “Terminating of IVB Mobile Banking Service”.


14. In case I changed my mobile number, can I still use IVB Mobile Banking?

In case you change your mobile number, please contact IVB’s nearest Transaction Offices to update your new mobile number for service remaining.


15. Can I use IVB Mobile Banking while I am traveling overseas?

You can use IVB Mobile Banking at anywhere with a smartphone or tablet has accessed to the internet and already registered overseas roaming services.


16. What is the maximum transaction amount per day can I use to transfer via IVB Mobile Banking?

Recently, the total transaction amount that customers can use is based on authentication methods such as:

Authentication method

Maximum transaction limit / time

Transaction limit / day


100,000,000 VND

100,000,000 VND

OTP Token (basic token key)

100,000,000 VND

100,000,000 VND

OTP Token (advanced token key)

500,000,000 VND

1,500,000,000 VND

Soft OTP

500,000,000 VND

1,500,000,000 VND

Fingerprint / Face ID

1,000,000 VND

Share limit with OTP SMS


17. Can I pay partially for my bills (ADSL, Telecommunication, Landline) many times on IVB Mobile Banking?

No, customers cannot pay partially for a bill, customers need to pay full value of the invoice.


18. What is the fee for IVB Mobile Banking service?

The service fee is VND 7,700/month (VAT included), applied for Customer who already registered IVB Mobile Banking. (This fee may be changed according to IVB’s fee regulations in each period)


19. My account is a foreign account, how does IVB charge for service fee?

In this case, the service fee will be charged in foreign currency using exchange rate at the time fee generated.


20. After successfully booking air tickets, how can I pay for it?

Customers can choose to pay immediately or pay later after booking finished. With following payment methods, Customers can use as details:

Method 1: Customers input the Payment Code into the payment code board at Ticket Booking function then pay

Method 2:  Customers select Flight booking history of the Ticket Booking function then pay

Method 3:  Customers input Payment Code at Bill Payment function then pay

Method 4:  Customers select the transaction in Bank Information and press Payment button.


21. How can I get the electronic invoice of successful payment transactions (flight ticket, movie ticket, hotel room) on IVB Mobile Banking?

You can get electronic invoice by choosing Export Bill at the successful transaction screen, input requested information, and press Confirm button.


22. Can I make transaction authenticated by fingerprint / Face ID on IVB Mobile Banking?

Currently, IVB Mobile Banking application supports customer to use fingerprint / Face ID to make transaction with the transaction limits based on IVB’s regulations in each period.  


23. What is Soft OTP authentication method?

Soft OTP is an authentication method allowing customers to actively get OTP transaction authentication code which is automatically displayed on application in order to verify online transactions (instead of inputting OTP code through SMS message or OTP Token device), with outstanding features:

    • Safe & secure due is generated by independent authentication system
    • Do not need to input OTP code, shorten transaction time
    • Do not depend on telecommunication’s message


24. What should I do if I want to transfer from OTP SMS to Soft OTP authentication method?

After successfully log into IVB Mobile Banking application, select Settings tab => choose Authentication method function => swipe the button at the end of the label “Authenticated by Soft OTP”. Please refers to IVB Mobile Banking service user guide HERE  for more details.


25. Which cases does the Soft OTP authentication method need to reactivate?

Case 1: Users log in accounts of IVB Mobile Banking on other devices

Case 2: Users delete and reinstall IVB Mobile Banking application on using devices

Case 3: On the same mobile phone devices, previously another account successfully logged in  


26. Can Soft OTP authentication method be used on different mobile devices at the same time?

Soft OTP authentication method is only available on the last activated mobile phone device. After successfully activating on new device, the previous Soft OTP and PIN code will be automatically cancelled on old device. If customers want to reuse Soft OTP on old devices, customers must reactivate it again, so customers should restrict to log in on other devices.


27. Can I make transactions with Soft OTP authentication method overseas?

You absolutely can make Soft OTP transactions overseas; and make sure you have successfully activated Soft OTP.


28. When authenticating transactions by Soft OTP, application notices Incorrect Soft OTP code, what should I do?

Please contact Customer Service Center 1900 588 879 or the IVB’s nearest Branches/Transaction Offices for assistance. During that time, if you want to make payments, please use other authentication methods by canceling Soft OTP authentication method.


29. What should I do if Soft OTP authentication method is locked?

Please contact Customer Service Center 1900 588 879 or the IVB’s nearest transaction offices for assistance. During the time Soft OTP authentication method is locked, IVB Mobile Banking application will be automatically turned back to the previous authentication method so that customers can continue making transactions.


30. Besides IVB Mobile Banking application, Can Soft OTP authentication method be used on other transaction channels?

Currently, Soft OTP authentication method is only applied on IVB Mobile Banking application


31. Do I have to pay to use Soft OTP?

Soft OTP is free of charge to customers.


1/ What is SMS Banking service?
SMS Banking service offers customers a new way to manage accounts, to inquire account balance, to implement internal fund transfer, bill payment, VNTop-up service and inquiry service anytime and everywhere just by a smartphone which has been connected electromagnetic waves and simple SMS syntax.

2/ Which benefits does SMS Banking service have?
IVB SMS Banking service has benefits as following:
+ VNTopup Service
+ Inquiry Service:
      •    Account Balance Inquiry
      •    The Five Latest Transactions Inquiry
      •    Foreign Exchange Inquiry
      •    Deposit Rate Inquiry
+ Internal Fund Transfer
+ Bill Payment
+ Smart Notify Service

3/ What are the benefits of using SMS Banking service?
SMS Banking helps customers to manage their personal accounts easier. IVB SMS Banking supplies utilities for customers as following:
      •    Receive announcement immediately after customers send the messages.
      •    Save time and cost for customers because they can inquire their account balance by only one message, without going to the bank.

4/ When using Smart Notify utility, how much do I need to pay?
+ Individual: the service fee is 10.000 VND/month/mobile number/account (VAT not included).
+ Corporate: the service fee is 30.000 VND/month/mobile number/account (VAT not included).

5/ How can I register IVB SMS Banking service?
To register SMS Banking, customers just need to bring identity paper(s) to nearby IVB Branches/Transaction Offices to have further support.

6/ To use IVB SMS Banking utilities such as VNTopup/ Inquiry Service/ Internal Fund Transfer/ Bill Payment/ Smart Notify Service, how should I compose?
Depending on each kind of utility, customers will compose the different syntax. For more details, please find User Guide for SMS Banking on the website of IVB.

7/ Does the system distinguish between normal letter and capital letter?
It does not distinguish between normal letter and capital letter. Customers can compose as their usage habit.

8/ What is the limit of fund transfer on SMS Banking channel?
Customers are supported maximum 5 times for internal fund transfer with maximum is 10 million dong/day.

9/ By using SMS Banking service, can customers transfer fund outside IVB?
At the moment, IVB SMS Banking service just only supports internal fund transfer to IVB’s accounts.

10/ When using SMS Banking service to implement VNTopup or internal fund transfer, what should I do if I forget my password?
Please contact IVB hotline 1900 588 879 for being supported to reset a new password.

11/ When using SMS Banking service, which kind of bill can I pay?
At the moment, IVB has supported customers to pay these kinds of bills: electric bill, water bill, telecommunication charges, television charges, tuition fee, public service. In addition, IVB will always update bill services in the future. For more information, please go to nearby IVB Branches/Transaction Offices or access to website to update the latest information.

12/ At the moment, I am using IVB SMS Banking service. In the future, if I open one or more account(s) and want to use SMS Banking service for these accounts, do I need to register the service for these new accounts?
Please go to nearby IVB Branches/Transaction Offices for being supported to register SMS Banking service for the new accounts.

13/ By using SMS Banking service, can I register one mobile number for several IVB accounts?
Customers can totally register several accounts for one mobile number. To register more accounts, please go to nearby IVB Branches/Transaction Offices to have further support.

14/ By using SMS Banking service, can I register several mobile numbers for one account?
Customers can totally register several mobile numbers for one account. To register more mobile numbers, please go to nearby IVB Branches/Transaction Offices to have further support.

15/ If I have more than one checking accounts, how should I compose to inquire the account that I want?
When composing, please entering the account number after the regulated syntax (notice: including the sign “-” in the account number), for example: IVB SD xxxxxxx-xxx, xxxxxxx-xxx is the number account that customers want to inquire their account balance.

NAPAS Instant Fund Transfer 24/7 by QR Code Service

1. What is IVB QR code? What it is used for?
IVB's QR code is a code generated from customer's information including: Account number, IVB's bank code, Amount and Content (if needed). IVB's QR code is used for online payment, money transfer within IVB and money transfer to and from interbank NAPAS 24/7.

2. Is IVB's QR code safe?
Developed according to VietQR standards issued by NAPAS. This is service with high security and maximum support the utility for customer.

3. How many ways to generate QR code on IVB Mobile Banking application?
Customers can generate IVB's QR code from their current accounts and from card, however, IVB has only implemented the feature of generating QR codes from account.

4. How I get IVB's QR code?
Please register to use IVB's Mobile Banking app in 2 ways:

  • Download IVB Mobile Banking app from Google Play for Android devices or App Store for iOS devices, the choose to open account and follow the instructions.
  • Contact the nearest IVB's Branches/Transaction Offices to be supported.

5. When I scan IVB's QR code for instant transfer NAPAS 24/7, what is the limit for transferring money?
Minimum transaction amount: 10.000VND/transaction

Maximum transaction amount: 499.999.999/transaction
6. Can I save my QR code to my mobile phone to use?
    You can download and save your QR code at your phone's photo gallery.

7. What is the benefits of IVB's QR code service?

                  Remitter                    Remittee 
  • Make online transactions quickly
  • Don't need to remember a long string of account number or beneficiary information
  • Limit the risk of entering information
  • 24/7 transactions in convenient and safe way, both inside and outside of IVB
  • Make QR code for personal banking information easily on IVB Mobile Banking
  • Don't need to remember account when sending information for remitters.

8. When I scan a QR code in low-light conditions, how do I scan the QR code?
You need to select the flashlight icon at the QR code scanning screen to be supported to scan the code in the low-light conditions.

9. How much is IVB's QR code transfer fee?

IVB's QR code transfer transaction fee is applied depending on the money transfer fee, this fee may be changed according to IVB's fee regulations in each period, IVB does not change the transaction fee when upgrading utilities for customer.