You are planning to celebrate your dream wedding, renovate your house, buy a new motorbike, travel, afford yourself or your children study …, an IVB Unsecured Consumer Loan can make it happen.

Always be your side without worrying about finance


- Quick disbursement within 48 hours.

- Loan amount up to VND 500 mio.

- Flexible loan tenors from 12 up to 36 months.

- Flexible repayment method, interest calculated on reducing balance.

- No property pledge.

- Simple, quick and transparent procedure.

Application criteria:

- Employees working at company operating in Vietnam and banking with IVB.

- Having from 01-year-labour contract or permanent labor contract.

Documents required:

- Cooperative agreement between Corporate and IVB.

- Introduction letter of Corporate.

- Loan application form cum Credit contract.

- Other documents (if any as IVB’s regulation).

More details, please contact:

Customer Care: 1900588879

Nearest IVB branch/TO

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