With domestic remittance service, Indovina Bank Ltd. (IVB) will debit money from customer's account or customer's cash and transfer it to the receiver via domestic banking system.



With a widespread network or branches and transaction offices, we ensure to provide remittance services with promptness, secure and convenience.

- Can transfer money to your relatives, friends or partners having or not having accounts at IVB or at any other bank.

- Can transfer in VND or USD (provided documents as regulations on foreign currency management if any).

- Simple procedure, quick processing.

- Enjoy other supporting utilities: Mobile Banking, Internet Banking...


Product Features

- Currency: VND or USD.

- Can be used for all customers having account or not.

- Beneficiary can receive money by ID card or via account at IVB or other banks.

- For remittances in foreign currencies, it requires the supporting documents in accordance with SBV regulations on foreign currency management.


Service Fees

- Please check IVB's Standard Term and Conditions.


Required Documents

- Deposit slips.

- Transfer application form.

Tool & Support

We are ready to help you.

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