Certificate of Deposit


- Customers can choose the certificate of deposit with a variety of terms and preferential interest rates.

- Can be used as collateral for loans or as guarantee for third party.

- Verification of customer’s finance situation for purposes of traveling, studying abroad, etc.

- Implement at any branch and transaction office of IVB.


Target customers:

Vietnamese or foreign individuals.


Product features:

- Term: from 1 month to 36 months.

- Method of interest payment: at maturity.

- Form of issue: registered certificate of deposit.

- Type of currency: Vietnam Dong.

- Interest rate: fixed throughout the term of deposit according to the interest rate regulated by IVB in each time.


Other regulations:

- Minimum amount: according to regulation of IVB in each time.

- Certificate of deposit is not renewable, not discounted or rebought by IVB.


Required documents

  • Application for Certificate of Deposit.
  • Personal documents:

+ Vietnamese: ID card or Passport (original or notarized copy).

+ Foreigners: Passport, Visa in validity.



Please contact us at any nearest IVB's branch or transaction office to process opening account, fulfil Application for Certificate of Deposit.

Tool & Support

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