The export – import package supports the business of Textile corporate customer, including the preferential interest rates and services fees. 


Applicable customer:

Corporate customers with main business of Textile industry (industry code 13, 14, 4641, 4771).



  • Financing up to 100% of capital demand
  • Preferential deposit rate and lending rate
  • Preferential fees of account transaction, trade finance
  • Preferential foreign exchange rates



  • Financing method: import financing, export financing, export documents negotiation
  • Purpose: Supporting working capital
  • Financing term for each promissory note not exceeding 06 months
  • Lending rate only from 5.5% p.a for VND and 1.8% p.a for USD
  • Financing up to 100% of capital demand and 95% depending on financing method
  • Other promotion:
  • Free payroll services
  • 30% discount on domestic remittance and outward international remittance fees
  • Free inward international remittance fees
  • 50% discount on L/C issuance fee, L/C payment fee, collection payment fee
  • Free of charge for endorsing bill of lading, L/C notification fee, collection notification fee.
  • Preferential deposit rate and foreign exchange rates



Customer satisfies the loan conditions of IVB and the package’s condition.

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