Dear valued customers,

In order to alert against criminal tricks and ensure the safety of your information, Indovina Bank Limited (IVB) would like to inform you about the most common forms of bank fraud, as well as the following recommendations as follows:



1. Impersonate the Bank in the following forms: transfer, call, send SMS, send mail to customers  with the content:

  • Call customers for the reason of supporting checking balances and transactions of customers.
  • Transfer money to the customer account, then call or send a message to notify that the money transfer transaction is suspended and ask the customer to access the Internet link (link) in the message to check the transaction in order to defrauding customers into providing confidential information (*).
  • Send email notifying customer to receive a sum of money and ask customer to confirm the transaction by accessing the fake link.
  • Send a message to notify the customer that the customer account has been locked or notify that there have been signs of abnormal activity in customer account and guide the customer to confirm information, change the password, etc…. through a fake link.

(*) This confidential information can be personal information, information of account (such as password, OTP authentication code, ..),of Internet Banking/Mobile Bankingfor customer to login, of card information (card number, expiry date, CVV-card security code) and of other information registered with IVB.

2. Customer receives a sum of money transferred to current account at the Bank with the loan content, then scammers call the customer, saying that he/she has just transferred the wrong amount ; and after a while, he/ she asks the customer to return the money along with the loan interest to a designated account or guide customer to pay back under a fake link.

3. Impersonate an employee and forge documents of the Bank (such as employee card, approval notice  for consumer loan...) to prepay for loan application costs, insurance fees, etc.

4. Impersonate an employee of a financial institution to lease with and consult customers on support for withdrawing money from credit cards.

5. impersonate telecommunications operator to contact and request customers to convert 3G sim into 4G sim via mobile to get information and appropriate the right to use customers’ phone number to perform financial transactions to steal money in customers’ account.



We do hope that you will increase your vigilance and strictly protect your financial information to avoid asset loss.


Indovina Bank Limited

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