E-wallet, also known as Online Wallet, is used as an account to pay for popular online transactions. The function of the e-wallet is implemented by linking a bank account, depositing money into the e-wallet and paying for any associated services in a simple and convenient way.

Beside online payment for online purchases, some e-wallets also co-ordinate a QR code scanning feature to help customers pay shopping receipts at stores without using cash. This is a simple and fast payment method that saves time and helps customers manage their spending better.


Outstanding utilities:

- Online fund transfer transactions/fund receipt transactions

- Online payment for many kinds of bills such as electricity, water, Internet, telecommunications charges, television charges, ...

- Mobile Top-up/digital card code purchasing

- Flight tickets/car tickets/train tickets/movie tickets booking, hotel reservations, etc.

- Shopping payment at stores by scanning the QR code


Currently, IVB has linked to these following e-wallets:

  • Momo e-wallet
  • Moca e-wallet
  • VNPT e-wallet


Service users:

Individual customers who are domestic cardholders/ payment account holders of IVB


Transaction limit:


Momo e-wallet

Moca e-wallet

VNPT e-wallet

Minimum top-up transaction amount per time

10,000 VND

10,000 VND

10,000 VND

Maximum top-up transaction amount per time

20,000,000 VND

20,000,000 VND

20,000,000 VND

Maximum top-up transaction amount per day

50,000,000 VND

50,000,000 VND

30,000,000 VND


Service fee:

This is an additional utility that IVB provide to our customers. This service is totally free.


Service registration:

Please contact IVB nearest branches or transaction offices to open card/ payment account.


User guide:

Moca E-wallet User Guide

Tool & Support

We are ready to help you.

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