• Western Union is a kind of service that can transfer money through over 230 countries all over the world.
  • Beneficiary would receive money only in some minutes after remitter completes the transfer.
  • Beneficiary can receive fund in USD or VND.
  • Beneficiary can receive money even not having a bank’s account.
  • Unlimited amount of money applied
  • Simple, fast and convenient bank procedures with wide transaction network.


  • Vietnamese or foreigner living or working legally in Viet Nam
  • In order to receive money through Western Union, beneficiary should:
  • Obtain the Money Transfer Control Number, currency and amount of money transferred from the remitter.
  • Present the ID card / Passport
  • Fill in the form “To Receive Money” at bank’s counter

Documents required

  • Please bring a valid ID card / Passport
  • List of Western Union post of IVB

Fees: Customer shall receive money FREE OF CHARGE





For beneficiary

  • In order to save cost and time, customer is suggested to open an account with IVB. Customer can contact any IVB branch / transaction for opening a current account.
  • Provide the remitter with the exact and full information of beneficiary by filling in the form of International Payment Instruction,including beneficiary’s name and account number held with IVB, IVB SWIFT code IABBVNVX.
  • In case beneficiary does not maintain account with IVB, please provide the remitter with precise and clear beneficiary’s information including full name, address, ID / Passport number, telephone number. To receive money, please present valid ID card / Passport at IVB counter.
  • Upon being informed by remitter about the remittance, beneficiary please contact with International Banking Dept./ Section of IVB for assistance at the soonest.

For remitter

  • Provide the remitting bank or remittance company with precise and clear information of beneficiary, such as full name, account number, ID / Passport number, address, telephone number (if any), IVB SWIFT code and list of IVB’s correspondent banks (stating on the International Payment Instruction).
  • Inform beneficiary about the remittance details

Documents required

  • Please present a valid ID card / Passport
  • Foreign exchange contract (if any)

Fees: As per IVB’s current charge and fee schedule, including

  • Inward remittance fee
  • Cash in foreign currencies withdrawal fee (if any)

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