For every VND1,000 spent by IVB Visa Cards, you will earn 01 (one) reward point. The accumulated reward points can use to redeem for:

  • Cash back
  • Annual fee

Term & Condition of Reward Points Program.



Effective date from 01/11/2017 til 28/12/2020

Reward points introduction

Wishing to improve the quality of customer care in favor of customers utilizing the international card service during the past time, IVB would like to inform of “Reward point promotion”, which is regarded as our thankfulness to loyal customers as cardholder of IVB credit card and IVB debit card.

Reward points of the card holder had been updated in our system since October 2015.

Point conversion value

Reward point will be accumulating when the customer carries out a payment transaction. The cardholder can check total reward points on monthly credit card statement or in Ebanking of IVB.

No.      Payment transaction      Conversion value

1          A valid payment transaction (*) 1.000 VND = 1 point

Note: Please see the definition of a valid payment transaction on term and conditions of the promotion

Point conversion rate

The cardholder can request to redeem for your reward point by two ways:

  • Annual fee: Bank will reimburse the sum of money as the same of the annual fee of the card.
  • Cash back: Bank will cash back the sum of money into customer account.

Visa card                                  Annual fee                                                       Cash back

Reward point (point)     Annual fee (VND)     Reward point (point)         Annual fee (VND)

Gold                            100,000                   300,000                          20,000                           50,000

Classic                         70,000                    200,000                          20,000                            50,000

Debit                            N/A                         N/A                               20,000                            50,000

Note : Cash back amount will be credited to corresponding card account. The point conversion rate can be changed as subject to the bank management decision from time to time.

Annual fee product is only applied when the fee has been posted in monthly credit card statement.

How to redeem the reward point

The cardholder can arrive the nearest Branch/ Transaction Office or call to IVB 24/7so that we will assist you check and redeem your Reward points as follows:

  • Annual fee: The cardholder will be redeemed at the cardholder’s annual fee.
  • Cash back: will be credited to corresponding card account.


Announcement on the suspension of REWARD POINT PROMOTION: Please CLICK HERE



For more information, please contact us at the nearest Branch/ Transaction Office or call to IVB Customer service 24/7: (028).39421048 or 1900588879

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