"IVB Online Deposit" satisfies demand of corporate client to open time deposit through Internet Banking, in order to maximize efficiency of idle funds and to use convenient services of IVB.

Targeted clients:

Corporate client having current account and registered Internet Banking service with IVB.


- Optimize benefit of idle capital

- Fully active in transaction

- Time and operating cost saving

- Absolutely safe and secured

- Simple procedure, fast transaction processing


- Currency: VND

- Minimum deposit: VND 10,000,000

- Term: from 1 week to 60 months

      - Method of interest payment: at maturity

      - Interest rate: term deposit rate of IVB (announced in each period)

      - Withdrawal of principal before maturity if needed


- Documents of current account opening (in case of new client)

- Application for IVB Internet Banking service


Customer center 1900 588 879 or nearest Branch/TO of IVB.

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