Competitive interest rate.

Flexible and diversified tenors, automatically renewal at maturity.

Simple procedure, quick processing.

Be used as collateral for loans or as guarantee for third party borrowing at Indovina Bank Ltd. (IVB).

Implement at any branch and transaction office of IVB.

Checking account information via supporting utility as Internet Banking…

Target Customer:

Vietnamese and foreign-invested corporation.

Product Features:

Interest: as interest rate for each term (periodically regulated by IVB)

Type of currency: USD

Minimum amount: USD200

Money for time deposit is transferred from current account (to prove the legal origin).

Transaction documents: transfer application form...

Other Regulations:

Method of interest payment: term-end.

For withdraws before maturity day, interest will be paid on actual and non-term interest rate at the time of withdrawal.

On maturity day, IVB will automatically renew your deposit (principal plus interest) with the same term as the initial one and with interest rate specified at renewing time. In case, initial term is no longer applied, IVB will select the next shorter term.

Required Documents:

Application for Account opening.

Personal documents:

- Vietnamese: ID Card or Passport (original or notarized copy).

- Foreigners: Passport, Visa in validity.


Please contact us at any nearest IVB's branch or transaction office to open time deposits.

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