Be used for customer’s finance activities including deposit, withdrawal, remittance, ATM card and E-Banking services: SMS Banking, Internet Banking …

Verification of customer’s finance situation for purposes of traveling, studying abroad, etc.

Implement at any branch and transaction office of Indovina Bank Ltd. (IVB).

Check account balance and conduct settlement easily via Mobile Banking, Internet Banking …

 Target Customers:

Vietnamese or foreign individuals.

 Product Features:

Interest: non-term interest rate (periodically regulated by IVB).

Type of currency: Vietnam Dong.

Minimum monthly average balance: VND 55,000.

Transaction documents: Deposit slip, Withdrawal slip, Transfer application form, Check

 Account Utilizations:

Deposit or withdrawal cash by account holder or authorize someone to do it.

Transfer money from customers' account or receive fund from other banks.

Use ATM, SMS services… via customer’s current account.

 Required Documents:

Application for Account opening.

 Personal Documents:

Vietnamese: ID card or Passport (original or notarized copy).

Foreigners: Passport and Visa (or equivalent document) in validity.


Please contact us at any nearest IVB's branch or transaction office to open account.

After handling all required documents, customers get your own Account card and can come to counter or deposit.

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