In order to increase safety and security in domestic card transactions and provide customers with more convenient experiences while complying with Circular 41 of the State Bank,  IVB is pleased to announce to customers the program to support the free conversion of magnetic cards to contactless chip cards.

Accordingly, since April 6, 2020, IVB stopped issuing Premium magnetic cards and replaced them with chip cards.  In addition to the features of the current magnetic card, the chip card of IVB is also equipped with the Contactless feature. This feature allows customers to touch or hold the card near the POS machine when paying at merchants, instead of swiping the card or putting the card into the card reader as currently.

Contactless chip card technology will push up cashless payment transactions.  At the same time, customers will experience a fast, convenient and safe payment method that is very suitable when customers make purchases at convenience stores, fast food stores, cafes, supermarkets, etc, …

To experience this modern payment method. Customers have 3 options to register:

- Bring ID/ Passport to the nearest IVB business unit for registration

- Contact hotline 1900 5888 79

- Request card issuance on Internet Banking

For more information, please contact IVB's 24/7 customer service via hotline 1900 5888 79 or visit the nearest branch/transaction office.

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