Be aware of fake SMS messages and guide to inform junk messages

Dear our value customer,

Nowadays, Indovina Bank Ltd., (IVB) is using SMS brand name to take care of our customer better as well as announce information related to customer’s online transactions. However, these days, there are criminals who make forged SMS from banks and send forged messages to defraud customer accessing to fake websites. The purpose is to steal log-in information of customer and make Internet Banking transactions to arrogate money.

To prevent this crime, IVB recommends customer to use payment channel via Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and use advanced authentic solutions such as Soft OTP, OTP Token, digital signature, fingerprint, … instead of SMS OTP.

In case receiving junk message, fake message, customer can inform by two methods:

- Method 1: sending message to toll-free 5656 with structure:

S [spreading source][ junk message content] or S (spreading source)( junk message content) send to 5656; for example: S (IVB)(Unusual account login, please access https// to confirm and change password) send to 5656

 - Method 2: through website managed by the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Besides, customer collects full information, fake message content, immediately sends to the Ministry of Information and Communications via email: Collecting information include received time, received venue, phone type, proof (image, video) message content.

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