Trade service & Bank guarantee



For Corporate customers


CODE NO. TRANSACTION FEE (All stipulated charges are VAT excluded)
  1 Import documentary collection
B001 1.1 Advising of import documentary collection 5 USD/set of docs
B002 1.2 Acceptance of collection bill 20 USD
B003 1.3 Payment commission 0,2 % * bill value, min: 10 USD + cable
(for drawer's account)
B004 1.4 Payment refusal 10 USD + actual cost
B005 1.5 Issuing authorization letter 5 USD/time
B006 1.6 B/L endorsement 5 USD/time
B007 1.7 Forwarding documentary collection to other local banks 5 USD/time + actual cost
  2 Export documentary collection
B008 2.1 Receiving and sending export documentary collection docs 5 USD + As actual cost
B009 2.2 Payment commission 0,15 % * bill value; min: 15 USD; max: 300 USD
B010 2.3 Fee for re-purchasing before maturity of negotiated export docs (*) Negotiable
B011 2.4 Amendment of collection instruction payment 5 USD/time
B012 2.5 Investigation of collection status at drawer's request 5 USD/time  + cable charge + other bank's charge (if any)
B013 2.6 Cancellation export bill at drawer's request 10 USD + other arising charge (if any)
B014 2.7 Payment refusal As actual cost
  3 Documentary credits
  3.1 Import
  3.1.1 Issuance (*) Min: 30 USD + cable charge
B015   a. Margin 100% by Cash/IVB's Time deposit 0,075% * L/C value (including tolerance) * number of days/30 + cable charge
(Number of days: from issuing date to expiry date, min 30 days)
B016   b. Margin less than 100% Marginal + Non_marginal deposit + Cable charge
Marginal L/C deposit = 0,075%* deposited amount (including tolerance) * number of days/30
Non_marginal deposit = 0,10% * non-deposited amount (including tolerance) * number of days/30
(Number of days: from issuing date to expiry date, min 30 days)
  3.1.2 Amendment (*) Min: 20 USD + Cable charge
B017   a. Amount increase + others (if any, extension excluded) Same as L/C issuance (calculated on increasing amount, including tolerance)
(Number of days: from amendment date to expiry date, min 30 days)
B018   b. Extension + others (if any, amount increase excluded) 0,1%*number of extension days/30*outstanding amount (including tolerance) L/C + Cable charge
(Number of extending days: from the old expiry date to new expiry date, min 30 days)
B019   c. Amount increase + extension + others (if any) Applicable charge code B017 + B018
B020   d. Others 20 USD/time + Cable charge
B021 3.1.3 L/C cancellation 50 USD + cable charge + oversea bank's charge (*) (if any)
B022 3.1.4 Payment commission 0,2% * bill value + cable charge; min: 25 USD
  3.1.5 B/L endorsement  
B023   a. B/L accompried with shipping docs Free
B024   b. B/L received prior to shipping 10 USD/time
B025 3.1.6 Issuing authorization letter 5 USD
B026 3.1.7 Issuing shipping guarantee (*) 0,1%*guaranteed value; min: 50 USD ; max: 200 USD
B027 3.1.8 Amendment of shipping guarantee (*) 10 USD/time
  3.1.9 Acceptance of usance bill (*) Deposited part + Non-deposited part; min: 50USD
B028 a Marginal Deposit 0,05% * deposited amount * number of actual days/30
(Number of actual days: from acceptance date to maturity date, min 30 days)
B029 b Non-marginal deposit 0,1% * non-deposited amount * number of actual days/30
(Number of actual days: from acceptance date to maturity date, min 30 days)
B030 3.1.10 Missing copyset of Shipping documents (deducted from the proceeds) 10 USD/copy set
B031 3.1.11 Discrepancy charge (deducted from the proceeds) 70 USD
B032 3.1.12 Handling charge on first presentation of shipping documents (deducted from the proceeds) 0,03%* bill amount; min: 30 USD, max: 300 USD 
B033 3.1.13 Handling charge on re-presentation of set docs set (deducted from the proceeds) 25 USD
B034 3.1.14 Returning Shipping docs under L/C 10 USD + actual arising cost (born by overseas party)
B035 3.1.15 Advice fee for L/C issuing / L/C draft issuing Negotiable
  3.2 Export
  3.2.1 Documentary credits  
    a. Advising L/C  
B036   i. Advising L/C to IVB's customers 20 USD + 1st advising bank's charge (if any)
B037   ii. Forwarding L/C to 2nd advising bank 30 USD + other advising charge (if any)
    b. Advising L/C Amendment  
B038   i. Advising amendments 10 USD
B039   ii. Forwarding amendment L/C to 2nd advising bank 20 USD
B040   c. Settlement of export bill under L/C 0,15%*bill amount; min: 20 USD; max : 500 USD
B041   d. L/C cancellation at customer's request 15 USD + Oversea bank's charge (*) (if any)
B042   e. Payment refusal from oversea bank As actual cost
    f. Handling charge  
B043   i. Docs presented at IVB Free
B044   ii. Docs presented at other bank after being checked by IVB 30 USD
B045   iii. Documents consultancy at customer's request Negotiable
  3.2.2 Transferable L/C  
B046   a. Transfering L/C 0,1% * L/C value + cable charge/postage charge (**);
min: 50 USD; max: 300 USD
    b. Amendment of transferable L/C  
B047   i. Increasing L/C amount 0,1% * increased amount + cable/postage charge;
min: 30 USD
B048   ii. Others 20 USD/time + cable/postage charge
B049   c. Discrepancy charge on docs presented by 2nd beneficiary 70 USD
B050   d. Transferable L/C cancellation at customer's request 20 USD + cable charge (if any) + oversea bank's charge (if any)
B051   e. Settlement of export bill under transferable L/C Same as import L/C issuance
B052 3.2.3 Fee for re-purchasing before maturity of negotiated export docs (*) Negotiable


TYPE OF BANK GUARANTEE/ COLLATERAL Margin/ secured by deposit at IVB (% p.a) Non-margin/ not secured by deposit at IVB (% p.a) Minimum
  1 Domestic bank guarantee/ standby LC
  1.1 Issuing (*)     550.000 VND or equivalent
B053.1   a. Bid guarantee 0,5 1,8  
B053.2   b. Performance guarantee/ Warranty guarantee/ Advance payment guarantee 0,6 2,0  
B053.3   c. Payment guarantee/ Other guarantee 0,7 2,2  
  1.2 Amendment (*)      
B055   a. Increasing amount/ Extension As Point 1.1 300.000 VND or equivalent
B056   b. Other 400.000 VND or equivalent
B057 1.3 Cancellation 200.000 VND or equivalent
  2 International bank guarantee/ standby LC
B058 2.1 Issuing (*) 0,6 2,0 600.000 VND/ 30 USD
  2.2 Amendment (*)      
B060   a. Increasing amount/ Extension As Point 2.1 300.000 VND/ 15 USD
B061   b. Other 400.000 VND/ 20 USD
B062 2.3 Advising bank guarantee 30 USD
B063 2.4 Advising bank guarantee amendment 20 USD
B064 2.5 Bank guarantee claim service under overseas bank guarantee 0,4% * claiming value 400.000 VND/ 20 USD
B065 2.6 Cancellation As Import LC cancellation (B021)
  3 Special bank guarantee (*)
B076 3.1 Counter guarantee As Item 1 and Item 2
B077 3.2 Bank guarantee based on counter guarantee of other credit institution 1,7 600.000 VND/ 30 USD
B078 3.3 Bank guarantee confirmation 1,8 600.000 VND/ 30 USD
  4 Bank guarantee issuance/ standby LC
B066 4.1 IVB's form (*) Waived
B067 4.2 Other form accepted by IVB (*) 100.000 VND or 10 USD/ letter
B068 5 Issued guarantee verification/ standby LC 200.000 VND or equivalent