This service enables IVB to count and collect cash from offices, head quarter of client or at other locations designated by client, then transport cash to IVB’s vault and deposit into client’s account at IVB. 


Targeted clients:

Clients having large and regular cash collection, having extensive agent network, and wishing deposit quickly into account in order to serve production and business activities.


  • Risk minimization of cash counting, transport and storage.
  • Cash concentration into account regularly, improve the efficiency of capital use.
  • Time and cost saving.
  • Quick and efficient receivables management           


  • Currency: VND
  • Service types:
  • Cash collection at offices
  • Cash collection at other location designated by client
  • Frequency: weekly, monthly or when incurred
  • Fee tariff: regulated by IVB (announced in each period)


  • Documents of opening account at IVB (in case of new client)
  • Cash management service agreement


Customer center 1900 588 879 or nearest Branch/TO of IVB.

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