Dear our value customer,

In order to bring the best experience as well as better service quality to Customer, from 31/05/2020, Indovina Bank officially has launched new website and new E-banking service which are totally improved with many useful and smart utilities.

- New version of IVB website is at the same link, designed based on modern technology with high speed and friendly display platform which has both Vietnamese and English version, as well as providing IVB products/ services information, promotion programs, IVB’s news and helpful calculation tools that give Customer making financial plan even staying at home or anywhere with ease.

- Internet Banking service (

  • For individual customers:

New upgraded version offers Valued customers sufficient and highly personalized services including periodic transfer, automatic bill payment, fast money transfer and homepage setting feature ... to help Valued customer experiences the convenient, fast and effective service.

  • For Corporate customers:

New Internet Banking platform offers Valued customers a business management system for online financial transactions, including levels of maker, checker and admin.

In addition, Internet Banking also satisfies all payment needs through account of Corporate customers such as payroll, bill payment, tax payment, bulk payment, periodic transfer… Therefore, Corporate customers will save time, minimize operation cost for the objective of business development.

New website and new Internet Banking version of IVB can be accessed on any devices or systems such as desktop, laptop, notepad, smartphone, with any operation systems like window, iOS or Android.

We hope you will have interesting financial experiences with Indovina Bank!

Tool & Support

We are ready to help you.

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