“E-com”Online payment service by IVB’s domestic card is a convenient sevice that IVB cooperated with NAPAS in order to support IVB’s domestic debit cardholder for payment of goods and services in fast, convenient and safety way in the internet.



Cardholder who registered E-com online payment service by “Premium” domestic card of IVB.



  • Payment for goods and services on the internet.
  • Fast, convenient, safety.


Transaction limit:

Limit type

Maximum number of transactions per

Limit per transaction

Limit per day

50,000,000 VND

50,000,000 VND




Step 1:  Login the provider’s website to buy goods, services and perform payment.


Step 2: Choose a payment method and enter card information in Napas payment gateway as below

  • The cardholder’s full name
  • Card number
  • Issuance date/Expiry date

After that, cardholder clicks payment.


Step 3: Enter OTP that is sent to cardholder’s hand phone by IVB. Then, the cardholder enters the character string and chooses paymnet.