Internet Banking is a service which provides for customers a convenient, fast and simple transaction method. By using IVB Internet Banking service, customers will manage their bank accounts actively and make transactions easily anytime and everywhere. All customers need is a device with internet connection.


- Access anytime and everywhere

- Time and costs saving

- Safe and secure

- Simple and easy to use

- Easy to check accounts’ activities


a. Account Management

- Manage current accounts, saving accounts and loan accounts’ information easily

- Account balance, transaction detail and transaction history inquiry

- Account statement is sent automatically to customers every day, every week or every month, depending on customers’ demand


b. Fund transfer transaction

- Internal fund transfer

- Internal fund transfer to ID/Passport number

- Interbank fund transfer

- Interbank fund transfer to ID/Passport number

- Napas instant fund transfer 24/7 to account number/card number

- Bulk transfer service

- Foreign currency exchange

- Periodic fund transfer

- Payroll transfer


c. Online Payment

- Credit card payment

- Bill payment for periodic service such as electric bills, water bills, telecommunication charges, tuition fee, ...

- Top-up prepaid card

- Especially, through IVB auto bill payment function, customers do not need to worry about the due date of your periodic bills anymore.

d. Products and Services

- Card services:

    • Card information inquiry
    • Lock/Unlock card
    • Reward point inquiry
    • Card statement on Internet Banking

- Online deposit:

  • Open/close deposit account
  • Change renewal method
  • List of online deposit

- Loans: Loans information and loans’ maturity date inquiry

- Guarantee: guarantee information inquiry including issued guarantee and benefited guarantee

- Trade finance: trade finance information inquiry including letter of credit, import and export documents


e. Security and Transaction management  

- The system supplies functions which help customers to synchronize OTP Token key device as well as active/deactivate security devices

- Customers can proactively stop using the service for a specific period

- Besides, IVB Internet Banking service also supports customers in setting transaction limit for their own business using demand in different periods. Especially, with Corporate administration function, corporate customers can setup and assign users (maker and checker), set approval process for business and proactively set transaction limit for each user


f. Other Utilities

- Interface personalization: customers can set their own avatar on the Internet Banking home page.

- Support setting quick access link, home page to bring fast and convenient experience for customers when making transactions

- Receive account statement information via email, receive announcement from bank through Internet Banking inbox. Besides, IVB Internet Banking system also supplies alert setting function which helps customer manage their accounts proactively.

- Make an appointment with IVB for being supported about the products/services

- Look up E-Invoice

- Moreover, IVB Internet Banking also supplies calculation tool for customers to calculate interest rate, currency exchange or calculate loan rate.


Transaction limit

We are providing three kinds of Internet Banking verification method and Transaction limit (VND):

Authentication Method

Transaction Limit


No limit transaction/time daily transaction limit for same holder transactions

Advanced Token key

<= 1 billion/ time

<= 10 billion/ day

Digital Signature

No limit transaction/ time

Daily limit transaction as customer’s registration

Tool & Support

We are ready to help you.

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