After 10 years launching the special loan, goods results in developing and serving customer are achieved, Export-Import Bank of The Republic of China, EXIM-ROC continuously grant the credit line to USD20 mio for Indovina Bank (IVB) to refinance for Vietnam enterprises imported goods from Taiwan.

The loan with very competitive interest rate with flexible loan term from 6 months to 5 years.

This is one of the most preferential fund on the market to serve Vietnam enterprises the best financial solutions to trade business or import high quality machine from Taiwan.

Types of goods to be financed

Equipment, parts, raw materials and other consumer goods … of Taiwan origin.

Benefits of the program

- Good interest rate.

- Flexible loan term up to 5 years.

- Flexible re-payment schedule.

Criteria for applying

- All customers who meet IVB’s current conditions for lending, and comply with current regulations on foreign currency loan of the State Bank of Vietnam.

- Exporters are Taiwanese domestic manufacturers/suppliers.

- Bills of lading or airway bills must indicate that goods are shipped from a port in Taiwan.


- Provide the bank in advance information of the exporter: exporter’s name, domestic business registration number (統一編號), a copy of bill of lading or airway bill and invoice right after shipment.

- Loans will be released after shipment and must be within 6 months from bill of lading date or airway bill date.

- Other documents that are required according to current lending procedures of IVB.


For all details please contact IVB Credit Marketing Department at Head Office and all branches.

Tool & Support

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