Dear Valued Customer,

With the desire to help Valued Customer safely accumulate and earn stable profits for your idle fund, Indovina Bank (IVB) launches the program to increase deposit interest rates at counters and online. Specifically, from November 11th , 2022, IVB increased the highest deposit interest rate up to 8.7%/year, don't miss the opportunity to accumulate for the future.

Please be informed, our Valued Customer. Details of new deposit interest rates are publicly listed on IVB's website (refer to the interest rates table here) and listed at IVB's transaction counters.

IVB would like to thank you for trusting and using our products and services and looking forward to continuing to receive your support in the near future.

Please go to the nearest IVB’s transaction points (Branches / Transaction Offices of IVB) so that we can advise and support fully and promptly.

Best regards,

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We are ready to help you.

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