To strengthen online banking security & safety, from Feb 25th 2022, Soft OTP will be defauft set as authentication method when customers make financial transactions on IVB Mobile Banking App.

Soft OTP is an authentication method that customers can use directly on the IVB Mobile Banking phone application. Authentication code is generated randomly, not duplicated in a short time - only valid at that time and automatically filled on the transaction screen. Through this feature, customers will save time and shorten more operations when making financial transactions via IVB Mobile Banking application.

Simple operation

Fast authentication

Secure all transactions

Completely free

No phone waves


👉🏻 Simple steps to enable Soft OTP (for customers not activating Soft OTP)

1. Log in to IVB Mobile Banking app

2. Press "activate" at the message pop-up on the app's screen

3. Set up a PIN using Soft OTP, enter the SMS OTP verification code

4. Soft OTP activation is successful


👉🏻 Download and experience the authentication SOFT OTP on IVB Mobile Banking at:

App Store:

Google Play:

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