Service introduction:

Fastfund Napas 247 by QR code is a service that allows customer to receive and transfer money quickly 247 both inside and outside of IVB by simply scanning a QR code.
VietQR code is a QR code which have all information about bank account includes account holder name, bank name, account number, transaction content, other information (if available) that help to initiate payment orders quickly, exactly and safely. Each different bank account will have a different VietQR code.


For remitters:

- Make online transactions quickly
- No need to remember a long string of account number or beneficiary information
- Limit the risk of entering incorrect information
- 247 transactions in convenient and safe way, both inside and outside of IVB

For remittees:

- Make QR code for personal banking information easily on IVB Mobile Banking
- No need to remember account number when sending information for remitters

Service application:

- All individuals 

Condition of using service:

Customers have current account at IVB and register Mobile Banking service 

Applied channels:

IVB Mobile Banking

Transfer fee

- From 1 - 500,000 VND: Free of charge
- From 500,001 to under 500,000,000 VND: 5,500 VND/ transaction (VAT included)


Customers can register to use the service in 2 ways:
- Download IVB Mobile Banking, choose the function “open an account” and follow the instructions
- Contact  IVB nearest Branches/Transaction offices to register the service 

Service using guide:


- Please refer here

Tool & Support

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