Deputy Head of Collateral valuation and Doubtful debt Department

Due to expend and develop the business’s strategy, Indovina Bank has demand to seek potential candidates for position as Deputy Head of Collateral valuation and Doubtful debt Department with details as below:



Assistant to Head of department in management of the department’s operation to complete the assigned target plan annually.


1. Planning:

  • Assisting Head of department in making and deploying implementation plan of department periodically;
  • Implement and manage the tasks of collateral valuation and re-valuation and to solve problematic debts on assigned area

         2. Managing and executing tasks according to functions, duties of the department as assigned by Dept. Head:


2.1. Collateral appraisal:

  • Doing valuation and re-valuation of collateral related to credit proposal and corporate bonds received from Head Office Divisions in compliance with by IVB regulations.
  • Doing valuation and re-valuation of collateral in accordance with authorized power defined by the IVB policies or when the values of the collateral are exceeding authorization/ limited approval of Branch Manager and/ or do revaluation as assigned by BOEs.
  • Checking and approving valuation reports on collateral re-valuation according to authority
  • Proposing for setting up and operating system of management and reporting information related to collateral management and valuation.
  • Conducting market price information survey and proposing adjustment suitable solutions on methods of collaterals appraisal periodically.


2.2. Solving problematic debts:

  • Building up action plan on management and collection of bad debts for submitting to the authorized management for approval.
  • Monitoring the portfolio of debts settled by risk provision, debts suspended and net-off by regulations.
  • Proposing for approval of debts recovery plan and monitoring debts recovery at Business Units.
  • Proposing for mandating, transferring debts settled by risk provision to related partners for exploiting assets in solving bad debts as approved by the authorized management.
  • Consulting, proposing solutions and direct implement bad debt collection and sell related collaterals in accordance with delegated authority.
  • Being IVB's representative to follow up legal procedure, judgment enforcement upon BOE’s authorization (if any).
  • Advising, supporting Business Units in managing and solving recovery of bad debts, problematical debts
  • Implementing other tasks relating to solving bad debts issue as stipulated by IVB periodically.


3. Employee management:

  • Assisting Head of department in allocating KPIs to staffs under department.
  • Guiding staffs, setting up and organizing professional skill training plan for staffs under department.
  • Organizing and managing documents filing as stipulated.
  • Implementing other tasks as assigned by Head of Dept.


  • Job requirements:

- Male/Female with bachelor’s degree, major in finance and banking, economics, laws or equivalent.

- Having certificate of assets appraisal training or Valuer Certificate.

- Knowledge on asset appraisal, real estate/ mobile asset market and other types of asset; Competences of laws in civil, real estates, notarization, finance, banking, managing and solving problematical debts.

- Strong at skills of leadership, staff training, negotiation, problems solving and making decision  

- Ability to retransmit and lecture.

- Experience: At least 02 years experiences in managing level of credit administration/ credit appraisal/ asset appraisal/ bad debts solving.

- English: Fluency. Toeic 700 upwards or equivalent.


  • Candidate’s profile includes:
  1. Cover letter in English stated position applied for
  2. Candidate’s information with attached photo (as per the Bank’s form). Please click HERE to get the form
  3. Copy of Bachelor degree; transcript of academic record, certificates of foreign language; Computer certificate; Other short-term certificates.


Contact Information:

Interested candidates, please send your CVs to:

Ms. Do Thi Thanh Hang

Deputy Head - Human Resources Management Department

Indovina Bank Ltd., Head Office

97A Nguyen Van Troi, Ward 12, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC

Tel: (84-028) 3942 1042 (Ext. 5579)

Fax: (84-028) 3942 1031