With the desire to improve the quality of customer care who have trusted to use the bank's international card services in recent years, IVB would like to inform you of the Cashback Redemption Program to thank loyal customers who are currently using IVB Visa personal credit card and IVB Visa debit card valid for domestic The application is as follows:
2.    Application period: From 30/12/2022 to 28/02/2023 or until the budget ends whichever comes first.
3.    Applicable products: Visa Classic Card, Visa Gold Card & Visa Debit Card (in valid)
4.    Subjects of application: Existing customers are IVB Visa personal credit cardholders and IVB Visa debit cards who have accumulated reward points and recorded on IVB's system.
5.    Program Funding: 91.800.000 VND (in words: ninety-one million eight hundred thousand VND) or until the expiration of the Program application period at Point 2.
6.    Program Eligibility:
•    The points can be redeemed into cashback. IVB shall transfer the qualified cashback amount directly to the cardholder's account and/or debit/credit card number (LOC account). Cardholder’s account and/or debit/credit card number must be valid at the time receiving cashback amount at IVB.
•    The redemption rate may vary depending on IVB's decision from time to time.
•    The redemption program may end earlier than expected depending on the budget approved by IVB's Board of Directors.
•    After the end of the program, IVB will clear all customer points at the system and start a new reward point promotion. The number of points accumulated by the customer of the old program, which is not redeemed at the end of this Program, will expire.
7.    How to redeem points:
•    Cardholders have the right to convert the amount according to the conversion rate as follows:

Reward points for each redemption

Redeem points equivalent (VND)

> = 5.000.000


>= 4.000.000, < 5.000.000


>= 2.000.000, < 4.000.000


< 2.000.000


•    The redemption amount is rounded down on a basis of 100,000 VND.
•    Example:
-    If the customer redeems 5,000,000 points, the cashback amount will be VND 5,000,000
-    If the customer redeems 2,000,000 points, the cashback amount will be VND 700,000
-    If the customer redeems 1,000,000 points, the cashback amount will be VND 200,000
-    If the customer redeems 300,000 points, it will be not available to redeem.
8.    How to check your points:
•    Cardholders can check their points in your monthly statement or at Ebanking.
9.    How to redeem points:
•    Cardholders can go to the nearest Branch/Transaction Office or call IVB Customer Service Center to ask the bank to redeem their points.
10.    Contact:
•    For more information, please contact your nearest branch/transaction office or call IVB Customer Service Center 24/7: (028).39421048 or 1900588879.
11.    Miscellaneous:
•    IVB is responsible for publicly announcing the details of the promotion rules.
•    By participating in this Program, the Client agrees to all terms and conditions of the Program listed in this Rules and to all other provisions of the terms and conditions issued, amended and supplemented by IVB from time to time.
•    In case of a dispute related to this Promotion, IVB is responsible for directly resolving it, if no agreement can be reached, the dispute will be handled in accordance with the current Vietnamese law.
•    Customer is solely responsible for paying taxes and fees (if any) arising out of or in connection with participating in this program.
•    In case of changing information or supplementing the terms and conditions of the program at any time, IVB will notify the Customer via email or be informed on the Website as well as other information channels of IVB and relevant agencies as prescribed of the law (if any).


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