Aim to support and provide the best benefits to customers, IVB – Indovina Bank proudly launches interesting promotion lending program “Low interest rates for mortgage loan” which is applied to all Individual loan secured by collateral.

1. Duration: The promotion shall be ended with notice.

2. Loan types:

- Mortgage loan.

- Car loan.

3. Interest rates:

Choose your own option:

Plan Fixed term Lending rates
A First 6 months 7,99%/year
From next re-pricing Deposit 12M + 3%
B First 12 months 8,49%/year
From next re-pricing Deposit 12M + 3%

The program is only applicable for new disbursements at the valid time of the program. On the invalid date of this program, BUs will apply the current interest rates to the customer.

For more details, please contact nearest IVB transaction office or Call Center 1900588879.