In the evening of October 18th 2018, at the Ho Chi Minh City Television Theater, Indovina Bank was together with hundreds of agencies, individuals and organizations attended the 18th art show "City of Love – Connection of love" 2018.

This is an annual program to gratitude for agencies, individuals and organizations who have supported to the Fund names “For the Poor” to care for poor people and poor families held by Vietnam Fatherland Front.

Speaking at the event, To Thi Bich Chau, chairwoman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee, shared that the sponsors contributed a great support with the unfortunate circumstances, helped them not only in material but also in spirit, contributed to build a civilized, modern and literate city.

Indovina Bank is one of the leading organizations in supporting the "For the Poor" Fund this year. This fund will be used to care for the poor families in the city to have a warmer Tet in the upcoming 2019 Lunar New Year occasion.

In 2018, Indovina Bank has participated in many social activities such as "One heart - One world", walking charity " For dioxin victims and poor people with disabilities", scholarships for students of Banking University HCMC ...