Lately, when customers want to book movie tickets, airline tickets, and hotel or online shopping, they were often have to visit different websites to search and compare the price. This process is often complicated, takes a lot of time and effort of customers. From now on, everything you need is just IVB Mobile Banking application which will do anything by its great features to give you the best choice and more time to enjoy life.

IVB Mobile Banking Application has been updated to full special features such as:

- Account management.

- Account transferring

- Payment by QRPay.

- Other payments (mobile top-up, credit card, bills ...)

- Flight ticket booking.

- Book hotel room.

- Buy movie tickets.

- Online Shopping.

Now, besides of convenient banking transactions, users can experience more entertainment features and even shopping with all in one application is IVB Mobile Banking.

To use these utilities, users access the IVB Mobile Banking application, select gadgets, enter flight information, booking hotel or movie time, and the application will automatically suggest flight, hotel, movie theater that are matched and arranged by price, ranked with full of other options of seating class, room class, luggage ... so that customers could easily make decision and go through transactions with a few steps without much time as before.

Download the IVB Mobile Banking app at App Store or Google Play.