As a strategy toward increasingly improve service quality and provide new banking products, Indovina Bank Ltd. (IVB) would like to officially inform of the launching of IVB Visa Prepaid Card. Visa Prepaid Card is defined as a pre-funded card that is very flexible and provide a wide range of applications to serve a variety of payment needs.

This card product can play a role as special and convenient gifts for relatives and friends on their birthday, wedding day, on the occasion of education abroad or travelling… instead of cash. This product can be a form of elegant & modern gifts for corporate in favour of business partners, customers or for encouraging employees. Visa prepaid card is also an effective means of financial management when parents send their children studying domestic or foreign countries….

IVB shall provide two forms of Visa Prepaid card: Prepaid card with name and No-name prepaid card



- No requirement of maintain account minimum balance.

- No requirement of bank account for opening card. Cardholders are allowed to deposit unlimited times with less than VND 5,000,000/card card balance at anytime.

- Taking advantage of several Visa incentives programs all over the world.

- Being used for purchasing/ shopping at all international card acceptance units and Visa acceptance websites all over the world.


Target customers:

- All customers are welcomed to apply for Visa Prepaid card.


For further information please contact Customer Call Center 24/7:

Hotline: 1900 588 879



Please consult the service detail as the link