Win Ipad 2017 when paying VinaPhone fee through Indovina Bank (IVB)


From now to the end of 18th, Sep 2017, Customers will have chances to win Apple Ipad 2017 when paying VinaPhone postpaid fee from 50,000VND through IVB’s channels.

With each amount of 50,000VND pay for VinaPhone postpaid fee through IVB, Customers will receive 02 gift codes. The program will have bonus spin weekly with the total of 07 Apple Ipad 2017 9.7 inches (4G 32GB version 2017, value 14 million) for lucky Customers.

• Mobile Banking

• Internet Banking

• SMS Banking

• Auto payment (Every month IVB will automatically debit from Customers’ accounts for paying mobile service fee)

• Payment at transaction offices

• Pay through websites

• Pay through gate

Register Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, SMS Banking, Active payment and automated collection services at IVB counters.

For more details please contact IVB Customer Service Center 24/7 1900 588 879 or IVB transaction offices nationwide.